In this episode I’m in conversation with Johnny Burch, founder of Progression app a new product to help design managers and team leaders that aims to Stop spreadsheet-wrangling, text-wordsmithing and ladder-shuffling when it comes to supporting team growth.

Johnny’s experiences as a design manager at Deliveroo, one of the world’s fastest growing startups in the gig-economy gave him insight into the murky world of team management and career development that resulted in progression which is now in Alpha.

We discuss how better tools for design leadership and management may be able to address and improve the current inequalities and balances in the design industry and his long-term dreams for how Progression could contribute to better identifying and remedying this problem.

We dig into the definition of an Individual contributor, the transition to being a manager adjusting from maker mode to a calendar full of half our 1:1s.

We met up with Johnny finding a rare hour in his day as he announced finding a partner to join him on the Progress journey.