Photography of Ellen Gofton

Copywriters, stop calling me that!

Transcript Andy Parker Welcome to the nostalgia hour for those of you born between 1975 and...
Photography of Jorege Arango

You are capturing information for a user who is you, but you of the future

Show links Duly Noted: Extend Your Mind through Connected Notes Jerry’s Brain The Age of...
Photography of Elizabeth Chesters

You have to eat, live, breathe, sleep, everything to do with your passion

Andy Parker Hello and welcome to the podcast. I’m Andy Parker, the UX Coach, and this...
Photography of Marvin Hassan

You don't have to be the Director of Design to be impactful, it's just a job title

Transcript Hello, and welcome to the podcast. I’m Andy Parker, the UX Coach. And this is...
Photography of Pete Winchester

Now you're using a thicker Sharpie

In this episode, I am talking to Pete Winchester. Pete and I have known each other...
Photography of Erica Jorgensen

How to dig into the why?

In this episode, Erica Johansson shares how she went from being a journalist with a love...
Photography of Maria Giudice

And you may ask yourself, how did I get here?

I had so much fun recording the conversation with Maria Giudice, that you are about to...
Photography of Sheryl Cababa

Is your head in the clock or the cloud?

This time I’m joined by Sheryl Cababa, whose recent book Closing The Loop is out now...
Photography of Tom Bird

UX Bootcamps, your results may vary

This time around I am speaking to Tom Bird. Tom and I met a few years...
Photography of Fiona Macneill

Make an Action Plan

The UX Coach (00:03): Hey, I’m Andy Parker. This is the UX coach podcast. I believe...
Photography of Anna Kincses

If you want to know others you have to know yourself

This week I’m talking to Anna Kincses, head of research for Why? a Hungarian design agency....
Photography of Caroline Jarret

How I became an AI feasability investigator

In this episode I am really happy to be in conversation with Caroline Jarrett. Caroline has...
Photography of Jo O'Keefe

It works best when things are a little blurry

In this episode I am in conversation with Jo O’Keefe, Lead User Researcher with the Care...
Photography of Vanessa Colina

How do you find the right company for you?

In this episode I am in conversation with Vanessa Colina, founder of UX Backstage, a series...
Photography of Dylan Wilbanks

With great power comes great responsibility

In this our final episode, I’m in conversation with Dylan Wilbanks. Dylan has been part of...
Photography of Tom Walker

Should I stay or should I go?

In this episode I’m in conversation with Tom Walker. Tom is a researcher at Co-Op digital...
Photography of Jonny Birch

Measuring Progression

In this episode I’m in conversation with Johnny Burch, founder of Progression app a new product...
Photography of Miles Reiter

Is joining a startup right for you?

In this episode I’m in conversation with Miles Reiter. Miles is both UX Designer and Product...
Photography of Brad Orego

Why don't we practice design every day?

In this episode I’m in conversation with Bradley Orego is a User Researcher, Experience Designer, Entrepreneur,...
Photography of Tom Kerwin

Is anything really new anymore?

In this episode I am in conversation with Tom Kerwin, Product Design Lead at Qubit, a...
Photography of Hugo Jenkins

Make your work fit around your life

In this episode I’m in conversation with Hugo Jenkins, owner of The 25th Company, a user...
Photography of Mark Branigan

What makes a good User Researcher?

In this episode I met with Mark Branigan, head of research at Hippo Digital a digital...
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