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Understanding your values and working with purpose

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Understanding your values and working with purpose

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In this course, you'll learn UX Coaching™ techniques to reconnect with your personal values, and to understand how the environment around you can create inner conflict.

When you are in tune with yourself you can develop empathy and appreciate the values of others. You can use this knowledge to understand what you need, and how to work successfully with the people around you.

Course fee: £190.00 (includes VAT)

Course format

  • 4 Weeks
  • Weekly virtual group session
  • Video lessons
  • Weekly Assignments

Course outcomes

  • Increased understanding of your values, beliefs and how they influence your emotions and behaviours.
  • Ability to take your learning and guide others to reconnect with their values and find purpose.
  • Find meaning in your work, and organisational alignment.

Course outline

  • Week 2 - Who am I really? Create empathy with yourself using coaching and design frameworks like the Behaviour Cycle and with taxonomies and personas.
  • Week 3 - The values matrix. See how using a UX design game can be used to identify the values that drive you every day.
  • Week 4 - In a nutshell. Communicating your values and how you present them in what you do.

Meet The UX Coach

I'm Andy Parker, the creator of UX Coaching™, a certified coach with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I became a full-time coach after spending 20 years as a designer, developer and researcher with founders of tech startups, leaders in multinational corporations and as part of internationally famous organisations such as Clearleft and Government Digital Service (UK).

I know what it's like to not feel supported by your employer and seeking help from the outside. My first experience with a performance coach radically changed my understanding of who I am and how I function. So eye opening that I began a journey that lead to a diagnosis of Autism, something I would never have identified without that coach (Thank you Rachel Gilmore!)

My focus on to support you, enable you to move forward when you might feel stuck in your past truth.