Every day this week I will be posting a link and information about initiatives relating to mental health, and specifically men.

“The bolt of lightning is a traditional symbol of sudden illumination and the destruction of ignorance”

Today it is the turn of 44Teeth and Permission to Torque. https://www.44teeth.com/permission-to-torque/

Following a heavy low period, Chris from 44Teeth has launched an idea to support bikers in sharing that they’re available to chat when out and about. The premise is simple, a sticker you can put on your bike, or anything for that matter that is showing you are here to listen and that you yourself may have experienced your own struggles with mental health.

Link goes into more detail and will give you options to buy the stickers which are free, you just pay for postage.

Thanks to Chris, Al and Boothy at 44Teeth for kicking off the 2022 riding season with something truly meaningful.