“Be yourself. No one can say you’re doing it wrong.”

Quote by Charles M. Schulz

Give yourself time to think about nothing.

In the last month I’ve pick up a pencil and started to doodle and draw for the first time in perhaps 20+ years.

It’s not about perfection, or getting things right, doodling of any kind is a free way of meditating (of course you need something to doodle on and with).

When you find yourself overwhelmed, or having a sense of urgency over everything and anything, it is safer for you, and those around you to walk away and reset. When you try and can’t get your brain to stop, it can make a difference to have something to channel energy into without and end goal.

I often play video games to do this, however that’s often swapping one screen for another. Instead I’ve picked up a pencil.

By doodling, there’s nothing to focus on other than the page, it has no agenda, it doesn’t have to be finished, or be something.

Now you have read this, when you find yourself wanting to throw the keyboard out the window, pick up a pen and see what happens and post back here how you feel after.