This year I became an associate and volunteer with the UK Charity Mental Health Motorbike. As a qualified Mental Health First Aider, along with my associates we provide guidance and support to anyone that needs someone to listen, you don’t have to be moto-lovers like me to know there’s someone there for you when you need them most.

If you happen to like Motorcycles, and happen to be going to Motorcycle Live at the Birmingham NEC on Friday 24th November, You can find me at the Mental Health Motorbike stand near Kawasaki.

I’m there to answer any questions you may have about the charity, and to offer Mental Health First Aid services. That means someone to listen, and understand what’s happening for you. We could take a walk around the floor together, perhaps a tea and cake, whatever it is, you have the undivided attention of myself and my associates.

About Mental Health Motorbike

Mental Health Motorbike exists to create meaningful opportunities so that together we grow the wellbeing of the motorbike community. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the suicide rates amongst bikers in the UK.

Over the next 12-18 months we aim to train a bikers from across the UK in Mental Health First Aid and create the countries first free dedicated mental health support network for bikers of all ages, gender and backgrounds.

All money raised will go into a bursary fund to pay for those dealing with financial hardship wanting to go through the MHFA training and become part of the biker support network. We aim to remove barriers to providing access to the training.

Having the network in place will save lives by providing vital support those in crisis.

Become a Mental Health First Aider

As a charity, we have a goal to enable as many people as we can to have the necessary, fundamental tools to support others in a moment of crisis. That’s why we are offering to pay for you to take the Mental Health First Aider training, organised and managed by Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA).

If you’d like to become a Mental Health First Aider, you must be in the UK, be over 18 years of age and prepared to take time for the course which is held over 4 mornings, or 4 evenings and 2 weeks (usually Monday and Tuesday). More information is available on the website, see links below.

Do you know of Mental Health First Aid Training where you are?

If you are outside of UK and know of an organisation like this, please tell me. I would like to be able to share with everyone on the mailing list from across the globe.

Further information